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After Hours

Geogebra - joins geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use packege. Free Download for Upper Elementary of High School Students

Timez Attack - Multiplication Game free download of facts 2-12

Letter Sounds - for young children

Learn Letters - for young children

School House Rock Videos and Lyrics


Math - Discovery Education - Resources to help students master the basics. Videos/Tutorials explain basic operations and help with the essential building blocks for success in mathematics.

Science - Discovery Education - Resources to help students connect science content to thing they can see and experience. Videos, Interactive Explorations, and interactive Videos engage students. 

English - Discovery Education - Video chapters assist students with their written and verbal communication skills. Content areas included are grammar, composition, and mechanics from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Social Studies - Discovery Education - Video chapters and web resources assist students with understanding the election process as well as the powers of and people behind the U. S. Presidency.

Sesame Street - Sort videos by theme, subject or character

Ocean Explorer - excellent videos!



Math sites:

Geogebra - joins geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. Upper Elementary or High School students. **NEW

Alien Addition - Invading spaceships with addition problems shoot them with the correct answer! ***NEW***

Minus Mission - practice subtraction by shooting the slime with the correct answer! ***NEW***

Meteor Multiplication - Answers to the multiplication problems are loaded in the star station. Blast the meteors with the answer! ***NEW***

Demolition Division - Tanks with division problems move toward your blaster - don't let the tank shoot down the wall! ***NEW***

Ratio Blaster - Find equal ratios ***NEW***

Ratio Martian - Identify ratios. Martians only eat ratios. ***NEW***

A+ Math - Site features flashcards, homework helper, worksheets, and a Game Room.

The Decifractator - Convert fractions to decimals

Division Machine - practice division facts

Archimedes' Laboratory- Math, math, math. Puzzels, Illusions, Paradoxes.

Academic Skill Builders - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Also Fraction and Ratio Games.

Math Mountain - basic addition, subtraction, multiplication

Math Lines - form pairs that add up to 10. ***NEW***

Math Search - For older students. Calculate the answer and find the solution in a search puzzle. ***NEW***

Quick Math - find the correct symbol to complete the equation. ***NEW***

Addingtons - Add numbers together. Double digits. ***NEW***


Typing/Keyboarding Sites:

Dance Mat Typing - learn to type!

Type OnLine - lessons complete with worksheets

Typing with Chickens!- yes, chickens!

Typing with a Rock & Roll Goat - fun!

Dance Mat Typing- beginning typing lessons

Rags to Riches - how well do you know your keyboard? Answer keyboard/typing questions in quiz form. 

Parminder the Plate Spinner - type numbers to help Parminder spin those plates!

Keyboarding for Kindergarten - help children learn proper keyboarding skills. Purple letters are typed with the left hand, green letters are typed with the right hand.

Typing Barracuda- type words to keep the river clean. Older students.

Typing Terror- space based typing challenge

SpaceBar Invaders - keep them from invading!

FingerJig - 6 minute typing game to test your typing skills

Typing Monster - type text on screen and catch the fireballs thrown by the monster! ***NEW***

Typing Speed Test - type the text as quickly and accurately as possible. ***NEW***


Language Arts:

Ryhming Words - help Max cross the river by rhyming words

Vocabulary Fun - word search, cross words, hang mouse, are just some of the games.

Wordmania - Brainteasers, Crosswords, Hangman, Word Search, etc.

Wordmania for the younger set- spelling, jumbled words, matching puzzle, memory squares, etc.

MES Games - vocabulary, grammar and phonics games. Prepositions, verbs, present and past tenses.

Academic Skill Builders - Language Arts Games like Coconut Vowels, Verb Viper, and Word Invasion.

Clifford the Dog- find the same 'middle' sounds in the words

Make words with Clifford - make as many words as you can.

Clifford Match Letters - for young readers

Clifford Match the Sounds - for young readers

Build Reading Skills - Novice level

Build Reading Skills - Intermediate Level

Nina the Naming Newt - find things that belong in each area.

Leo the Letter Loving Lobster - find the matching lettersç - find words that rhyme

Clean up your Grammar!- grades 3-5 identify nouns and verbs.

Edit Dan's Copy - grades 3-5 Level 1 for capital letters and final punctuation or pick Level 2 for run-on sentences, quotation marks, and apostrophes.

Short Circuit - match prefixes and suffixes.

Fish 'em Up! - Do you change letters when you add a 'y' to a word? Do you double up the letters when you add 'ing' ?

Clueless Crossword - Upper Elementary level. Deductive reasoning. ***NEW***

Crossword Puzzle - Hover over the blocks to see the clues. Some are quite difficult. ***NEW*** 

Hangman - Guess letters to find the word. ***NEW***

Buzzwords - make words out of the letters on the screen ***NEW***

Letter Blocks - make words out of the letters on the screen ***NEW***

Letter Activity - write a postcard to a friend by putting all the words in the correct place. Child must know how to read. ***NEW***

Word Scramble - rearrange the letters to form a word. Some words are difficult. ***NEW*** - use these letters to form words ***NEW***

Word Frog - Matching Antonyms, Synonyms and Homonyms ***NEW***

Word Invasion - Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions disguised as Jellyfish rain down on the Octopus! ***NEW***


Social Studies: 

Fun State Facts - Click each state to find factsAmerica's Story - Discover the stories of America's past.

Time Magazine for Kids - excellent site

Ben Franklin's Guide to US Government - Activities for grades K-12

World Capitals Quiz - select the name of the capital of the country listed. ***NEW***

States/Capitals - help the Penguin hop to the correct State. **NEW



Science Word Scramble - Unscramble the science words

Science Spelling Bee - spell the science terms

What's Wrong? - find which item doesn't belong in each picture.

Prongo - Quiz station. Play the Dinosaur Quiz Game, Human Body Quiz, Outer Space Quiz

Cells Alive - Cell Biology, Microbiology, Cell Models, puzzles and quizzes.

ChemiCool - Periodic Table, Chemical Elements and Chemical Dictionary for the science enthusiast

NASA Space Place for Kids- Science related games, puzzles and trivia.

Animal Games for Kids - what is the difference between mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and other kinds of animals?

Animal Corner- meet the many animals that share our planet. Learn all about reptiles, family pets, insects, farm animals, and marine life to name just a few. This site is FULL of information

Animal Facts: Did you know that echidnas lay soft leathery eggs? If you don't know what an echidna is check out this web site. There are also coloring pages, word searches, mazes, videos and photos on this fun site.


Nutrition Games/Quiz: Food Safety, Health Information

BAM - Body and Mind - Nutrition, Physical Activity, Safety games and information

Memory - find pairs of cards by remembering where you saw them. ***NEW***

Memory 2 - remember the sequence of lights and play it back. ***NEW***

Memory 3 - Select pairs. You will be shown briefly some balls, remember where you saw them! ***NEW***

Memory 4 - memorize the sequence then repeat the sequence ***NEW***

Memory 5 - remember where you saw the dynamite! ***NEW***


Foreign Language:



Games for very young children:

Play with Callou - for very young children, great for teaching mouse skills

CBeebies - interactive stories for young readers.

Story of Jessie (dog) in the Park - interactive story for young readers

Aesop's Fables - stories with lessons

Synonyms - help Mollys golf game by finding words with similar meanings.

Letter Sounds - learn letter sounds

Short Vowel Sounds - for beginning readers

Long Vowel Sounds - for beginning readers

Shapes/Colors - for very young children